The Start of my Blog

Good evening people! (Or… whatever time it is when you’re reading this.)

Just a post to introduce myself and what this blog’s about. My name’s Peter Hughes and I’m an aspiring author from England, aged sixteen. By author, I mean I write a load of rubbish down and think it’s amazing, look at it again an hour later, throw it away, then start over and write even more rubbish. But, as (I think) someone said, success is how many times you can fail and carry on.

So, with a pen and notepad I’ve set out to pen a novel which I hope will actually be completed, despite having to be fitted around exams nowadays. The idea is that if I write it in a notepad, I can rip out a page if it goes wrong and carry on.

This particular novel begins with a church, a mass organised religion preaching piety and faith, yet corrupted to the core. As the advent of an election in the last free city Sinfall dawns, The Church is posed to take control. A small group of people are determined to stop this, but as they are hunted by old friends and servants of God alike, the price of freedom grows ever higher. A price that must be paid in blood.

Sin may fall, but if The Church takes control, all else will be lost to oblivion.


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6 responses to “The Start of my Blog”

  1. aditi1641 says :

    Good luck on your novel! The first few posts sound pretty interesting 🙂

  2. Andrew Barron says :

    This is really good Peter keep it going 🙂

  3. Jeyna Grace says :

    Interesting 🙂 All the best with your dream and novel!

    • peterhughes97 says :

      Thanks! I’m aiming for fifty chapters in this novel, uploading two every week. Even if they don’t get seen much, it’ll be fun to do and look good in a portfolio for publishers. Also, when I’m famous (yeah sure), you’ll have been my first commenter. 😛

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