Revisions and Changes

Just a quick post, letting you know about some work I’m doing. As you may have seen, Chapter Two is now uploaded, meaning one chapter from each viewpoint is ready to read. This is still my first draft and there are undoubtedly some fixes I need to write in, as I’m aware there are some glaring contradictions in backstories between chapters. I’ll be working on ironing out the creases for the next few days and getting everything to slide along nicely! one other thing is, in Chapter Two I’ve removed the character thoughts written in italics. I’ve decided to scrap these, so readers can decide for themselves how the characters think, rather than it being spoon fed. After all, you’re an intelligent bunch! I’ll be updating the prologue and previous chapter accordingly. For now, a quick look at Chapter Three and as ever, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my work.

Update: The prologue’s been updated accordingly, chapter one will follow suit with a new chapter back with Karlson being uploaded next week.

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