Progress Update #3

As some of you may have seen, I now have Chapter Two up on my blog- if you’ve not read it yet, hit the link on the right. I’m currently writing Chapter Three, once more from Karlson’s perspective, the POV from the prologue. It will have some backstory on the Church and his regiment, the Crimson Cloaks, as well as give a look around the city of Summerhold. I’m hoping to have it up tomorrow, although if all goes well it may be ready for tonight.

If you’ve been enjoying my writing, go check out Joe Abercrombie at who’s brilliant work inspired me to start writing beyond a few awful paragraphs. His new book, Half a King, is due for release early July in the UK and a week later in the US, which I’ll be writing a review of upon its release.

In other news, I have a week off exams, enabling me to dedicate a good few hours per day to planning out the final details of The Winter Criminals, and do some hard writing sessions. To give you a scale of how long it will be, I’m aiming for 30 chapters, sans the prologue, split into three chunks of ten. At around 3000 words per chapter, the mathematicians of you will realise this equates to around 100,000 words, a standard book length. I’m not saying that’s exact- I’ll let the story organically grow and as I edit it, it may become significantly shorter or longer.

Remember, any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated and if you haven’t already, feel free to follow my blog, or @peterthefish97 on Twitter. Valar morghulis, people.


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