Archive | January 2016

An Update. Eventually.

Hey guys, remember me? Nah, I doubt it. I barely remember myself.

So, this blog sort of, well… ended. The Winter Criminals does still exist, however has been in hiatus for a good year. Fantasy isn’t my main area at the moment, and thus this mammoth has taken a backseat to other writing. Foremost is the novel ‘Some Horizon’, a post apoclyptic road trip from California to England against a backdrop of tourists and hippies, while I’ve tried my hand at poetry, to varying degrees of success.

Additionally, I’ve founded a Creative Writing club at my college, and we work on the site

I foresee most of my future work taking place their, at least until I’m published, so if anyone is interested, feel free to follow us there.

Thanks to everyone who read my fledgling novel, etc etc.

Peter 🙂