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…In Conclusion.

El Finalement. A breakthrough has been reached.

A good two years ago I came up with a hugely original idea to write a pseudo-medieval novel about a continent-spanning civil war, on one side an evil Church and on the other the various traitors and scum of the world. It became a behemoth and grew from a simple idea into a trilogy of political intrigue, magic, and family trauma.
It was, quite frankly, bullshit.
Having written much more in the past year, it seems my magnum opus, my first child, isn’t destined for life, in its current form. I have, however, decided to lop one storyline off and turn it into a much smaller novella, set against the backdrop of the war the book was intended to deal with. Karlson and Lorrand will remain in this story, fear not.

I’ll be posting the chapters (There shall be seven) on my new blog, so if you want to keep up with this story, feel free to follow me there. If you’d rather just wait and see the full thing, I’ll also post the full version here when I’m done.

Either way, thanks for reading, whether you remember The Winter Criminals or not, but I hope you enjoy the new story. Cheers everyone! 🙂