About Me


As the sharper readers amongst you may have realised, this page is about me. As some others of you may have realised, I’m quite a sarcastic guy.  Well, let’s get on with the introductions then…

My name is Peter Hughes and I’m from the UK, which doesn’t instantly make me posh, all you folks from over the Atlantic. I’ve just finished school and thankfully my GCSEs, leaving me free to write to my heart’s content. I’m sixteen, seventeen in November and love writing, hence why I have this blog. At college I plan to study English Literature, Film Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies and Psychology A Levels. Following that, I’m hoping to continue English at university, however a lot can change in two years.

So, while most teenagers are at parties, I’m sat behind a laptop writing stories about churches and barbarians. Needless to say, my evenings, while less social, are most likely much more productive! I’m currently balancing the writing of ‘The Winter Criminals’ with reading the hundred or so books on my current reading list, each of which seems more obscure and harder to find than the last.

I’d like to thank all my friends who don’t make too much fun of me for living half my life in fantasy worlds, just as I don’t make too much fun of them for their crazy obsessions. This blog could be seen as a dry run for building up a reader-base and getting feedback/ improving my writing skills for when I actually publish a book, so I hope you enjoy my work and future chapters I release.

Any feedback’s entirely welcome, either good or bad. I’ll happily read your blog if you have one and give my own constructive criticism in return. As always, thanks for reading and good luck in your own endeavours!

Peter Hughes, hopefully soon-to-be author 🙂


One response to “About Me”

  1. Victor says :

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂

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