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…In Conclusion.

El Finalement. A breakthrough has been reached.

A good two years ago I came up with a hugely original idea to write a pseudo-medieval novel about a continent-spanning civil war, on one side an evil Church and on the other the various traitors and scum of the world. It became a behemoth and grew from a simple idea into a trilogy of political intrigue, magic, and family trauma.
It was, quite frankly, bullshit.
Having written much more in the past year, it seems my magnum opus, my first child, isn’t destined for life, in its current form. I have, however, decided to lop one storyline off and turn it into a much smaller novella, set against the backdrop of the war the book was intended to deal with. Karlson and Lorrand will remain in this story, fear not.

I’ll be posting the chapters (There shall be seven) on my new blog, so if you want to keep up with this story, feel free to follow me there. If you’d rather just wait and see the full thing, I’ll also post the full version here when I’m done.

Either way, thanks for reading, whether you remember The Winter Criminals or not, but I hope you enjoy the new story. Cheers everyone! 🙂


An Update. Eventually.

Hey guys, remember me? Nah, I doubt it. I barely remember myself.

So, this blog sort of, well… ended. The Winter Criminals does still exist, however has been in hiatus for a good year. Fantasy isn’t my main area at the moment, and thus this mammoth has taken a backseat to other writing. Foremost is the novel ‘Some Horizon’, a post apoclyptic road trip from California to England against a backdrop of tourists and hippies, while I’ve tried my hand at poetry, to varying degrees of success.

Additionally, I’ve founded a Creative Writing club at my college, and we work on the site

I foresee most of my future work taking place their, at least until I’m published, so if anyone is interested, feel free to follow us there.

Thanks to everyone who read my fledgling novel, etc etc.

Peter 🙂

Progress Update #3

As some of you may have seen, I now have Chapter Two up on my blog- if you’ve not read it yet, hit the link on the right. I’m currently writing Chapter Three, once more from Karlson’s perspective, the POV from the prologue. It will have some backstory on the Church and his regiment, the Crimson Cloaks, as well as give a look around the city of Summerhold. I’m hoping to have it up tomorrow, although if all goes well it may be ready for tonight.

If you’ve been enjoying my writing, go check out Joe Abercrombie at who’s brilliant work inspired me to start writing beyond a few awful paragraphs. His new book, Half a King, is due for release early July in the UK and a week later in the US, which I’ll be writing a review of upon its release.

In other news, I have a week off exams, enabling me to dedicate a good few hours per day to planning out the final details of The Winter Criminals, and do some hard writing sessions. To give you a scale of how long it will be, I’m aiming for 30 chapters, sans the prologue, split into three chunks of ten. At around 3000 words per chapter, the mathematicians of you will realise this equates to around 100,000 words, a standard book length. I’m not saying that’s exact- I’ll let the story organically grow and as I edit it, it may become significantly shorter or longer.

Remember, any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated and if you haven’t already, feel free to follow my blog, or @peterthefish97 on Twitter. Valar morghulis, people.

Revisions and Changes

Just a quick post, letting you know about some work I’m doing. As you may have seen, Chapter Two is now uploaded, meaning one chapter from each viewpoint is ready to read. This is still my first draft and there are undoubtedly some fixes I need to write in, as I’m aware there are some glaring contradictions in backstories between chapters. I’ll be working on ironing out the creases for the next few days and getting everything to slide along nicely! one other thing is, in Chapter Two I’ve removed the character thoughts written in italics. I’ve decided to scrap these, so readers can decide for themselves how the characters think, rather than it being spoon fed. After all, you’re an intelligent bunch! I’ll be updating the prologue and previous chapter accordingly. For now, a quick look at Chapter Three and as ever, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my work.

Update: The prologue’s been updated accordingly, chapter one will follow suit with a new chapter back with Karlson being uploaded next week.

Peter Hughes


The Naming

Good news, readers! The book I’m currently writing, under the working title of Phantom Faith, now has its final name: The Winter Criminals. If anyone sees the historical reference, you can have a cookie. My current plans are to reduce the scope of the book, streamlining events and concentrating on a less ‘epic’, more personal story arch.

Following this, if the need arises, I plan to name the series ‘Phantom Faith’, as I think this better describes the background to the world than the events taking place within the book. Nonetheless, I’ve been enjoying writing and rewriting chapters so far, so thanks for your continued support! Now, back to exams.

Progress Update #2

I’m back, guys. Well, in truth, I never left. I know I’ve not uploaded much recently and the previously announced timetable didn’t go to plan, but I’ve still been writing at every opportunity… which is when I’m not reading or revising. I have my GCSE exams coming up, you see, so that’s taken up the majority of my time. Right now I’m revising French (eugh) but I’m going to draft another chapter tonight, from the final of my three viewpoint characters. I sincerely hope it will be uploaded this weekend, as well as having chance to tidy up the previous two. So, stay tuned!

The Awkward Second Day

So, although I haven’t posted any more chapters due to a busy schedule of drama rehearsal, I’ve got rather a lot done today.
Firstly, I’ve penned eight chapters ready to write, with a general idea of each character’s arc in the first part of the novel, how they converge and what their goals are. Additionally, I’ve got the overall plot worked out, specifically how all the parts come into play and where they are by the end.
Secondly, I have a map drawn out for the world in which the novel is set, along with an in depth map of the capital city ‘Sinfall’. This is one of the primary locations, where The Church has political goals and the hometown of one of the lead characters, who will be in the next chapter I publish. It’s by no mean a final map, but the key elements are all down there.
Finally, I’ve been thinking up a backstory to the two ruling powers- The Church and Sin’s Republic (Sin being the ideal of individualism as opposed to The Church’s strict order) which is where my problems arise. In the story I have so far, The Church is the dominant power, however Sinfall is a free city. Some of the backstory doesn’t match up, which means I’ll have to rearrange a lot of my drafts, but luckily I have the day off tomorrow to sort it all out. By tommorow, I wholeheartedly hope to have another chapter or two out and a map of Sinfall up.
So, please subscribe if you want to get updates and once more thanks for reading!