About ‘The Winter Criminals’

This blog is mainly about my novel which I am currently writing, with the working title of ‘The Winter Crminals’. A fantasy novel, it is set in a world coming to the end of an era; the warring provinces of the Northern Continent are falling, one by one, to the superstate of ‘The Church’, a political extremist group and leaders of the Faith and controlled by the Archangel Gratvia, a man whose ambitions have no end.

In Sinfall, now the last free city beyond the grasp of the church, tensions are high, as merchants, priests and knights are fighting for power in a city divided, with a young girl, the daughter of one merchant, caught in the net of lies and war.

In The Church’s headquarters of Summerhold, Karlson, a guard-in-training of Gratvia’s Crimson Cloaks has been offered a permanent place in the regiment, giving him glory beyond his dreams, but dark rumours surround the men wearing the red.

Returning from the North, an old soldier wanting nothing more than peace is called back by The Church to lead the attack on Sinfall. Determined to swiftly bring the city down, he marches, for nothing more than the end of years of blood and war.

As forces converge outside the great walls, with disease and fear running rife within them, the fate of the world shall be decided. Everyone wants to save it, but the price of freedom is rising day by day.

Armies may fall, cities may crumble and dreams may be laid to ruin, but if the deadly power behind The Church is released, all will be lost to oblivion.



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